Anya: a doll, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a child, a cute little girl ..

She is all that and more. Girls (mothers and grand-mothers included  ) enjoy playing with her. She appeals to users of all ages, that is her charm. A mother sees in her glimpses of her daughter and a daughter a doll/friend/sister to play with. Her cute little puppies are playful and adorable, users enjoy petting them and feeding them.

Talking Anya Dress Up & Pet Puppies

Talking Anya Dress Up & Pet Puppies

It is so fulfilling to know that users have bonded with Anya. In one of our past updates, we had a small glitch because of which the app would not load, we were surprised to hear from several parents that the kids were in tears over the app not loading. This was touching, children crying because they cannot play with an app, that is very rare. This encourages us and keeps us going in this direction. Anything to make a child smile ♥

In the latest update we have changed her look. Users can feed her Strawberries and she says “Strawberries are good for your health”. Users are loving the new update as now in addition to playing interactive games with her, seeing her sing & dance and playing with puppies, users can customize her look to their liking. Talking Anya plans to  keep her users smiling for as long as she can.

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Mothers Day Smiles with Photos


If you cant be with your Mom this year on Mothers Day, you can definitely send her some smiles wherever she might be, with some nice memorable photos.

New updates to both Photo Captions Premium ( 3.0 ) and Photo Collage & FX ( 2.0 ) have a bunch of new Photo Card and Photo Collage backgrounds. Pick a few custom templates, add some memories in photos, put thoughtful captions, and send it to her as a printed post card or over email if you are short on time, and show that you care.

Besides new Mother’s Day themed designs, other new features in the updates include

Photo Captions Premium:

  • Insert Backgrounds, Images from the Web with a simple Image Search 
  • Photo Captions now helps you remember friend’s Birthdays. Import Birthdays from Facebook or set up your own reminders when you would want to send photo greetings or cards. 
  • Print and Mail Postcards. 
  • Improved Text ( with drop shadows ) 
  • Import Photos from Flickr now as well. 
  • Share Photos to Instagram, Flickr and Twitter

Photo Collage & FX:

  • Print and Mail Postcards. 
  • Search for images on Google to insert in the photo areas 
  • Give your collage a twist, insert a texture in the photo area.
  • Drop Shadows on text



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Apple anyone ?

A Paint FX: Photo Effects Editor creation posted on Instagram. Creating art from daily photos.

Paint FX: Photo Effects Editor

Paint FX'd Apple

This is the original.

Paint FX: Photo Effects Editor

Above apples are creation of a Instagram user 

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Galaxy view in iLearn Solar System Version 2.5

In the new version of iLearn Solar System we have added a 3D model of the Milky Way Galaxy, here’s a preview of what it looks like. Users will be able to rotate this and view it from any angle, can see it like a flat disc in the last image!


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Apple adds Paint FX to their curated “App Store Essentials for Camera and Photography” iPhone/iPad list

Todays excitement continues, Apple added Paint FX as a Photo Editing app to their curated “App Store Essentials for Camera and Photography” iPhone/iPad list. Thank You Apple.

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Paint FX No.1 iPad Photo & Video App

Sharing an exciting moment with everyone. Today Paint FX reached an important memorable milestone in it’s  journey up the charts in the App Store. It is currently the No.1 app on the iPad Photo & Video category, followed closely by iMovie and Avid Studio. Exciting day at Sprite Labs today!

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Highlighting a moment in Super Bowl history with Paint FX

The game colors seemed just right, had to try this out. Burnt FX, with the colors splashed through. ( Image is from Washington Post )

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New and Noteworthy

This week a lot is going on with Paint FX. New iPad version, new cool features, new icon… But the icing on the cake and something we are really proud of, is that Apple loves it too !!

Paint FX is featured as a New and Noteworthy app this week in 15 countries

United States (#9), Australia (#23), Canada (#14), China (#10), Costa Rica (#2), Denmark (#10), Finland (#10), Italy (#7), Mexico (#1), New Zealand (#23), Norway (#10), Qatar (#2), South Africa (#2), South Korea (#23), Sweden (#10)

Its great to be next to the likes of OutFit 7, with their latest app Tom’s Love Letters

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PAINT FX: Now on the iPad (Universal App)

A lot of you have been asking for months and we’ve been saying that we are working on it… and it seemed like forever 🙂 ….

Well, finally we are proud to come back with a different answer.. Its there now and it looks gorgeous. Paint FX is finally here on the iPad as a Universal App.. and with a bunch of cool new features:

– 50+ new effects, including tons of vintage and grunge effects,

– live preview of each effect applied on your photo,

– fill mode to apply effects instantly on the full photo

– Performance improvements

Give us your feedback if you try it.. .and as always don’t stop telling us what it should be doing more in future.

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Paint FX on Instagram

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing users transform their photos into beautiful art. Paint FX is one such app which offers so much that one simple photo can be painted in several ways and the outcome is always beautiful. Some users send us their creations while some post them on Instagram. Today I happened to browse through the PaintFX’d photos on Instagram and  found these gems:

Instagram Paint FX

I am in awe of these pictures, created by people like you and me. These are just a few of the Paint FX creations on Instagram

“In my previous post, I spoke of ColorSplash. This app is fantastic and worth every penny, but there are always those of us who would like to take the color washing to the next level. You can think of PaintFX as ColorSplash on steroids. It allows you to control more than just the simple black and white effect you find in ColorSplash. Same great controls and brushes” as written on a blog:

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