Photo Captions Free Ranks

Thanks to folks at Applyzer, we’ve been able to track the ranks of the Apps and see some interesting trends of other iPhone Apps.

Photo Captions Free has definitely been progressing well up the ranks at the iTunes Store. For more than a week now it has been able to hold its position as a top 10 Photography app in the US Stores. That translates to a top 500 app overall. While we would like it to make it in the top 100 overall apps and also see Photo Captions paid version catch up with the Free version, we cant complain with the success so far.

Here are the ranks of Photo Captions Free in the Photography section of the iTunes store in various countries:

Guatemala    1
Phillipines    2
Argentina    3
India    3
Turkey    3
Dominican Republic    4
Indonesia    4
Luxembourg    4
Ireland    5
Malaysia    5
United Arab Emirates    5
Singapore    6
United States    8
Germany    9
Kuwait    9
Saudi Arabia    9
Thailand    10
Hong Kong    12
South Africa    13
Australia    14
Peru    14
Kazakhstan    15
Taiwan    15
Vietnam    16
Austria    17
Egypt    17
United Kingdom    17
Jamaica    18
Moldova    20
Mexico    22
Russia    23
France    24
Greece    25

By the way, a rank of 8 in the Photography section in the US stores is currently translating to around 1500 downloads a day.

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2 Responses to Photo Captions Free Ranks

  1. Mike says:

    Great idea for an iPhone App. Can the anotation especially ‘Text’ be rotated for pictures taken in landscape mode? Thanks

    • Animagik says:

      Yes, Text as well as any other object can be rotated with the usual 2 finger iphone rotation interface.
      The objects default location is based on portrait mode but they can be rotated anyhow.

      Also, we have an upcoming update which automatically defaults the objects in the layout mode of the photo.. so landscape mode will be supported and no rotation will be needed. The update will be there in the App store in a couple of weeks and will have more fixes along with a bunch of new objects.

      Let us know if you have more feedback or suggestions.

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