Christmas is in the Air

… Photo Captions is ready for it.  Photo Captions 1.1 update is ready for download at the App Store.

This version adds a bunch of new enhancements and has fixes for a few bugs that were reported and requested by the users and also “outrageously” mentioned on the ratings at the App Store. But its not just that. There are over 75 new shapes, frames and text objects including Xmas and New Year’s special edition objects.

Some notable updates:

– Automatic Text captions adjustment to fit the text.

– Design and Customize your own frames with objects overlaid on top.

– Full Support for landscape mode – Object library organized in categories for easy find.

– Flip captions and objects

– Font Colors

– Higher resolution photos

– Much enhanced and intuitive object and caption selection, scaling and manipulation to get fine alignments and placement on top of your photos.

– Faster application load

– Layering for shapes and captions

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2 Responses to Christmas is in the Air

  1. Gary Berthiaume says:

    I tried photo caption today and it doesn’t work. When you choose a picture the app shuts down. Is this problem being addressed?

    • Animagik says:

      Hello Gary,

      Looks like you are seeing a crash on loading a pic. We have received another complaint about this and are investigating the cause. We will submit this and other fixes on Monday and hopefully Apple should approve it within the week.

      To help us find your issue, can you give us some more information such as:
      – Which device are you using: iPod Touch/iPHone 1G, 3G or 3Gs?
      – The photo you were loading, was it captured with the iPhone camera or saved from the internet somewhere? If its ok can you share it with us?

      You can send us an email at

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