New and Noteworthy

This week a lot is going on with Paint FX. New iPad version, new cool features, new icon… But the icing on the cake and something we are really proud of, is that Apple loves it too !!

Paint FX is featured as a New and Noteworthy app this week in 15 countries

United States (#9), Australia (#23), Canada (#14), China (#10), Costa Rica (#2), Denmark (#10), Finland (#10), Italy (#7), Mexico (#1), New Zealand (#23), Norway (#10), Qatar (#2), South Africa (#2), South Korea (#23), Sweden (#10)

Its great to be next to the likes of OutFit 7, with their latest app Tom’s Love Letters

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PAINT FX: Now on the iPad (Universal App)

A lot of you have been asking for months and we’ve been saying that we are working on it… and it seemed like forever ūüôā ….

Well, finally we are proud to come back with a different answer.. Its there now and it looks gorgeous. Paint FX is finally here on the iPad as a Universal App.. and with a bunch of cool new features:

– 50+ new effects, including tons of vintage and grunge effects,

– live preview of each effect applied on your photo,

– fill mode to apply effects instantly on the full photo

– Performance improvements

Give us your feedback if you try it.. .and as always don’t stop telling us what it should be doing more in future.

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Paint FX on Instagram

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing users transform their photos into beautiful art. Paint FX is one such app which offers so much that one simple photo can be painted in several ways and the outcome is always beautiful. Some users send us their creations while some post them on Instagram. Today I happened to browse through the PaintFX’d photos on Instagram and ¬†found these gems:

Instagram Paint FX

I am in awe of these pictures, created by people like you and me. These are just a few of the Paint FX creations on Instagram

“In my previous post, I spoke of ColorSplash. This app is fantastic and worth every penny, but there are always those of us who would like to take the color washing to the next level. You can think of PaintFX¬†as ColorSplash on steroids. It allows you to¬†control more than just the simple black and white effect you find in ColorSplash. Same great controls and brushes” as written on a blog:¬†

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The Making of “Talking Anya” – The 3D Model

Anya is 5 Years old, she is cute,  playful and emotional, like all little girls of this age. We wanted her 3D character to reflect her personality, after several sketches and going back and forth to the drawing board we finalized these three sketches:

Talking Anya Sketches

Initial sketches for Anya's 3D character

Option 01, was the most appealing: cute, innocent and adorable and expressive face. Option 03 was the other option we really liked, but  we decided to proceed with Option 01.

Next came deciding on her clothes and other microscopic decisions such as the color of her eyes, what accessories she would have, early on we decided that with op 01, she should have the barrette which op 03 has. Several weeks were spent in creating her 3D model. After several iterations and fine adjustments we had this cute 3D model that was Anya:

Talking Anya


The iOS devices have limited resources, so loading and rendering a high quality 3D model, was a daunting task. We wanted our users to have the best experience in playing with Anya, fast response time and good frame rate was a must, to achieve this we had to reduce the number of polygons in the 3D model, this meant possibly reducing the quality. The barrette had to go, we used a cute tie instead, textures were used where possible and finally again after several iterations we got the Anya we have in the app, we managed to retain the quality.

Next followed the animations and the big bulk of developing the app, which took over 6 months, there were challenges on each step, but with an ace team of animators and developers we forged forward and were able to release Talking Anya. In hind sight – making Talking Anya was a fun process, we loved every moment of it. This is currently a FREE Universal app in the App Store and the users are loving Anya, in just a few days she has almost 300 facebook fans ( 291 at this moment: 2:38 PM June 3, 2011 ) . This is what her fans are saying about Anya:

AWW :”> SO ADORABLE !! (:¬† ~ Danielle Salem

So, cute!  ~ Albert Martinez

What a cutie! ~ Kathleen Moriarty

why should you be so cute Anya? ~ Lina Amalina

Little Sweetie ~ Cynthia Rita Gerard

Comments like the above, give us great satisfaction knowing that we succeeded in creating what our users wanted ..  so keep them coming.

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Another feature in the App Store: “Show Mom You Care”

Thanks to Apple again to feature Photo Captions Premium as an app to “Show Mom You Care” for both the iPhone and iPad

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Photo Captions Premium Featured in iTunes App Store “Apps for Surviving Valentine’s Day”

Photo Captions Premium featured again, this time in the¬†iTunes App Store “Apps for Surviving Valentine’s Day” list.


Photo Captions Premium in App Store "Apps for Surviving Valentine's Day"




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Photo Captions Premium Featured iPhone -> “New and Noteworthy” in UK App Store

Photo Captions Premium got one of the prestigious spots in the UK App Store, it is featured “New and Noteworthy” on the main page of the UK App Store. Thank you Apple and all our users for their valuable feedback.

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