Mothers Day Smiles with Photos


If you cant be with your Mom this year on Mothers Day, you can definitely send her some smiles wherever she might be, with some nice memorable photos.

New updates to both Photo Captions Premium ( 3.0 ) and Photo Collage & FX ( 2.0 ) have a bunch of new Photo Card and Photo Collage backgrounds. Pick a few custom templates, add some memories in photos, put thoughtful captions, and send it to her as a printed post card or over email if you are short on time, and show that you care.

Besides new Mother’s Day themed designs, other new features in the updates include

Photo Captions Premium:

  • Insert Backgrounds, Images from the Web with a simple Image Search 
  • Photo Captions now helps you remember friend’s Birthdays. Import Birthdays from Facebook or set up your own reminders when you would want to send photo greetings or cards. 
  • Print and Mail Postcards. 
  • Improved Text ( with drop shadows ) 
  • Import Photos from Flickr now as well. 
  • Share Photos to Instagram, Flickr and Twitter

Photo Collage & FX:

  • Print and Mail Postcards. 
  • Search for images on Google to insert in the photo areas 
  • Give your collage a twist, insert a texture in the photo area.
  • Drop Shadows on text



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